Request for data

Fazer ensures that all data saved concerning our customers is used and stored properly and in compliance with the data protection legislation. You have the right of access and right to modify your data at any time. The easiest way to do this is through the My Fazer service. If you do not have My Fazer credentials, you can easily create them here.

In the My Fazer service, you can

  • have access to your data and modify it
  • Manage the marketing permission you have given to Fazer and your newsletter subscriptions
  • Make purchases in some Fazer online shops
  • Cancel the MyFazer service and delete the data connect to it

If you do not have My Fazer credentials or if you want to also have access to all data outside the My Fazer service, please complete this form. We will send you your data stored in personal data registers of Fazer Group’s services.

Erasure of data

You can also send us a request to erase data. As a result, we will erase all of your personal data from the personal data registers of the Fazer Group’s services, unless you have an online shop order in progress or a facility booking or if there is another reason why we cannot fulfil your request. Please note that we may have a statutory obligation to store information about you, such as online shop transaction information, in order to fulfil obligations set out in the Accounting Act.

Revoking the marketing permission

If you have given marketing permission to Fazer but you no longer want to receive marketing messages from Fazer, you can revoke your marketing permission by completing this form. Please note that even though you have revoked your marketing permission, you may still receive marketing messages from us, such as order confirmations from online shops.

Request to view personal data, erase personal data and revoke a marketing permission


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